If players haven’t had time to make their New Year’s resolutions yet, RedDeer.Games decide to come to their rescue! How about revealing all the government’s top secrets about supernatural phenomena? If so, it’s time to grab your camera and go on the mission of a lifetime in the short, but intense They Know game, now available on Switch.

They Know is a tongue-in-cheek comedy-style stealth adventure with elements of conspiracy and exploration, and a handful of secrets and puzzles.

The government hides many supernatural secrets from the public, by pretending they don’t exist while happily watching as harmless and sometimes completely absurd conspiracy theories are formed about them. But the measure has run its course…

Here is the time to uncover and tell the world everything that the people in power are hiding. The players will grab a camera in their hands and, by breaking into a strictly confidential zone, document everything that has been classified as “top secret”.

Have aliens been on Earth for a long time, or have they even already taken over it? Or is the government peeping at people using robot birds or tracking them with mechanical bees? Players at all costs must find out and photograph all, even the most improbable cases, straight from sci-fi series and movies.

And as you all guessed so well, it will not be an easy task. After all, this is a secret, heavily guarded zone. Players will have to evade and not be seen by the patrolling guards. However, there will be plenty of ways to outsmart the security guards and a huge number of hiding places where you can disappear from their watchful eyes.

So there’s no need to worry in advance, even though some of them may not even be human….

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