Apex Legends summons FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH to the Outlands for its first-ever Crossover Event, proving limits are made to be broken! A new event joins the party, as FINAL FANTASY VII Takeover replaces unranked BR. Defy destiny with the Buster Sword R2R5, with new abilities and a devastating Limit Break. Find Materia Hop-Ups that add effects like Lightning and more. Collect FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH-inspired skins for Wattson, Crypto, Wraith, and other Legends, kupo!

Plus, collect 36 Event items including a new Death Box and the Mythic Buster Sword R5 Melee cosmetic—equippable by any Legend, in any mode. Unlike a Collection Event, there’s a chance to get the Buster Sword R5 in every Event pack you open†. The Apex Legends & FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Event brings two gaming icons to the same universe from January 9-30, 2024. So gather your crew and drop in, merc. Let’s mosey.

Worlds collide in the new BR Takeover featuring content that will be all too familiar to FINAL FANTASY VII fans. Wield the power of a Buster Sword R2R5, which will have gameplay abilities and can be picked up and used as a weapon as a part of the Takeover. Get access to light and heavy attacks, blocking to reduce damage taken and dash to close the gap, and fill your meter to use the quintessential Limit Break. The more you deal, take, and block damage, the faster your meter will fill. If you don’t find a Buster Sword R2R5 hot off your drop, keep an eye out for them in Care Packages and around the map.

While you’re on the hunt for the ultimate weapon, look for Materia Hop-Ups for increased effects and/or bonuses. Each Materia Hop-Up has its own impact and will only attach with select weapons, and can spawn in the world and event-limited Cactuar Ticks!

All 36 items (including the Buster Sword R5 Melee Cosmetic) will be randomly awarded via event packs with no duplicates of event items. The Buster Sword R5 (unlike the Takeover’s Buster Sword R2R5) is a Universal Mythic Melee Cosmetic that has no gameplay abilities and can be equipped in place of your heirloom or fists. The sword will not be coming to the Mythic Shop after the event ends, so unlock it while you can! 6 Iconic Legend skins will also be available for direct purchase via the store. As you continue to collect items, keep an eye out for Milestone Rewards, given after each milestone on the event packs page is hit.

Complete your Apex Legends & FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH collection before the event ends and you’ll automatically receive the One-Winged Angel Death Box — a brand new cosmetic item to Apex Legends that is equippable by any Legend via the new Lobby Melee tab.


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