While plenty of Unpacking fans have already made their way through the experience, it seems a considerable amount have no idea that a secret mode is hiding in the game, and it gives you a whole new way to play.

While developer Witch Beam has already talked about Unpacking’s “Dark Star” mode, a recently-released viral TikTok has shown that plenty of players were completely unaware this mode existed. For those who don’t know, once you complete Unpacking, you can play through a second time in Dark Star mode. In this mode, instead of putting items where they neatly fit, the aim is to lay out everything in the worst way possible.

The key to playing through Dark Star mode is by laying items out in places that get them red outlines. Once you put every item in a red outlined area without overlapping, you can continue on your Dark Star journey throughout the entire game.

In an interview with Polygon, Witch Beam co-founder Tim Dawson opened up on what makes Dark Star mode so much fun.

“I think what makes Dark Star so interesting is initially it feels like a gag. But after a few levels, it sets in how much work it is, and continuing can feel absurd, transgressive, or cathartic. But in the end, it’s just another way to think about items and how they relate to our lives and the spaces we live in, which is what the game is all about.”

[Tim Dawson]

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