PlatinumGames has been running a development blog for Bayonetta 3 for quite some time now, and they’ve been detailing pretty much every area of the game. It seems we might be nearing the end of these blogs though, as today’s installment gives us a painstaking breakdown of the game’s end credits scene.

Today’s blog is penned by Curie Baek, who worked on Bayonetta 3 as a VFX artist. Following up on the previous blog posts for VFX, Baek shares the VFX concept and some techniques utilized in the production of the end credits dance scene in Bayonetta 3. Obviously, this blog covers some spoiler territory, so if you haven’t played the game yet, you might want to skip this post!

In Bayonetta 3, players will come across a different version of Bayonetta in every world they visit in the game’s multiverse. Platinum created the visual effects in the end credits dance scene to express the vastness of this unique game world and represent the image of the “universe”. To learn more about the work that went into this scene, check out the blog here.

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