How does a company know that their franchise has truly made it? Is it millions of units sold? Is it billions in terms of revenue? No, it’s neither of those. The true showcase of superstardom is getting your own Happy Meal at McDonald’s, and that’s exactly what Sonic the Hedgehog is enjoying right now.

If you live in the UK and you love all things Sonic, it’s time to hop in your card and head to the nearest McDonald’s location. McDonald’s in the UK will be offering Sonic the Hedgehog-themed Happy Meals until Feb. 6th, 2024, and the commercial above gives you an idea of what you’ll find inside.

By scanning the QR code on the side of the Happy Meal box, you can unlock the Sonic Speed Stimulator and zoom into a digital adventure with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. As far as physical goodies go, there are 12 Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy themed toys available, including hoverboards, tower stackers, puzzles and mosaic posters.

If all that isn’t good enough for you, then maybe you’ll be happy with some Sonic-themed free activities as well! The McDonald’s UK Happy Meal website has been updated with some Sonic-themed bonus material, including a spot-the-difference game and a quiz. You can enjoy that content through this link.

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5M ago

I had to take a peek at the UK menu since I haven't seen it since I was at Sheffield. Yep, no chili dogs, though their menu is still more extensive than what they have here.