Publisher Untold Tales and developer The Knights of Unity have announced Tools Up! Ultimate Edition for Switch, and it’s set to launch later today. This version of the game includes all updates, content, and downloadable content from the original Tools Up! release, plus a new player-versus-player mode.

Tools Up! Ultimate Edition is a chaos-filled, local couch-coop extravaganza, all about renovating homes and the outdoors. It comes with all updates, content, and downloadable content in one package, supporting up to four players.

Time To Get Renovating – Grab your tools and hard hats; we have some home makeovers to do. Tools Up! is a chaotic local co-op game that puts your renovation and teamwork skills to the test. Work your way up a sprawling apartment complex as you renovate more and more intricate homes to meet the exact (yet often bizarre) requirements of the local tenants.

Local Couch Cooperative Play for Up to Four People – Play with up to four friends to add to the efficiency or outright chaos of your home renovation team. Note: This game supports local couch cooperative play and Steam Remote Play Together only; there is no standalone online multiplayer. The game can be played in single-player, but it is recommended to play with at least one other person.

Plenty to Do Here – This isn’t a simple job, so we brought in some professionals – well, kinda. Every level requires you to tackle a lot of jobs and not make a mess of it. Sweeping up after the demolition crews, painting walls, laying tiles, plastering wallpaper, collecting deliveries, and cleaning up after yourself just to start.

Competitive Home Makeovers: New Player-versus-Player Mode – A brand new player-versus-player mode that pits your team of renovators against each other! Race to complete the most tasks possible but also interfere with the other teams every step of the way. Various gameplay modifiers will keep everyone on their toes and can be played in various combinations for up to four players. (For example: one-versus-one, two-versus-two, one-versus-two-versus-one, one-versus-one-versus-one, one-versus-one-versus-one-versus-one, etc.)

Touch Up The Outdoors: All Downloadable Content Included – The Tools Up! Ultimate Edition includes all 45 levels of the downloadable content “Garden Party.” Dive into levels set in the seasons of spring, summer, and autumn as your outdoor renovation crew rebuilds patios, plants trees, spruces up lawns, and deals with a few pesky raccoons or moles. Each pack of season-themed levels comes with new mechanics, settings, and a mighty boss fight at the end.

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