Football Manager 2024 series reaches 6 million players

I think this soccer thing might be catching on!

05 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Football Manager 2024 launched in November 2023 across various formats, and that included the release of Football Manager 2024 Touch on Switch. That means the game has had almost exactly 2 months on the market, and in that time it appears to have really clicked with soccer fans around the world.

Miles Jacobson, director of the Football Manager series, has announced that Football Manager 2024 has reached 6 million players worldwide. In his announcement of this news, Jacobson made sure to thank players across all platforms, Switch included. This means that the 6 million figure includes Football Manager 2024 and Football Manager 2024 Touch players combined.

Jacobson also shared another stat that might be even more impressive. Football Manager 2023 was the first installment in the long-running series to reach 6 million players, and it did so in 284 days. Now Football Manager 2024 is the second game to cross that 6 million mark, but it achieved that number in just 59 days. Looks like those who played last year’s installment couldn’t wait to come back for 2024!

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