Back when Nintendo first announced Splatoon 3’s Chill Season 2023, which kicked off Dec. 1st, 2023, we knew it was going to offer all sorts of Winter and holiday-themed content. That included the tease of a special Splatfest, and today brings us a sneak peek at the upcoming event.

The next Splatoon 3 Splatfest is set for January 13th, 2023, and it’s asking for some input on your holiday season activities. In particular, Nintendo wants to know if you spend the holidays with family, friends or go it alone. You’ll have to pledge your allegiance to one answer and fight for that team with all you’ve got!

You’re able to pick your team as of today, as the Pledge Box is ready in the plaza to receive your votes. Remember—your choice IS binding, so think carefully before starting the new year off with regrets. Along with that, special Frosty Fest gear and a shiny new banner await you as well. Just head to the terminal in the Splatsville lobby to get a jump on the action!

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