Developers Ludogram, FibreTigre, and Quentin Vijoux have announced that they’re bringing their game Firebird to the Switch. At this time, we don’t have word on an exact release date or price point.

Firebird is a narrative road trip that takes place in Slavic folklore, in an adventure that ressembles a traditional tale. Aboard your truck, travel to the far north, meet colorful characters, and face the creatures inhabiting these sacred lands.

Travel around the steppes of the Great North with your truck. Pay attention to its condition and gas level, and choose the best route. Will you manage to get your truck to its destination without succumbing to the dangers of this hostile land?

Your adventure will vary according to your decisions…

  • Experience a short but richly layered narrative.
  • Make various choices with many risky obstacles and useful resources.
  • Meet around twenty colorful characters.

The more you care about your resources, the more peaceful your progress will be!

  • Manage your resources to progress smoothly.
  • Keep a close eye on your gas level, truck condition, and money.
  • Collect these resources as you visit different places on the map.

Dive into an original universe, inspired by Slavic legendary figures…

  • Explore picturesque landscapes depicting the magic of the country throughout the map.
  • Discover the Slavic folklore behind FibreTigre’s writing (Out There, Game of Rôles).
  • The hand-drawn art style of Quentin Vijoux will immerse you even more in the universe.

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