While Save Me, Mr Tako! Switch awhile ago, a new Definitive Edition just released recently as well. That version includes new difficulty modes, rebalancing, Hint System, Auto palette option, quality of life improvements, a new English translation, and much more. Unfortunately, none of this content will make its way to the original version of the game.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Save Me, Mr Tako! dev Christophe Galati explained why the original release of the game must stay as-is, and no, it’s not just because the developer is looking for more money.

I understand the frustration as I also wish things could have gone differently. Again, Tako was my first game as an indie developer and I didn’t notice its issues before the release. I worked on patching it along the way while listening to players’ feedback, but I was unable to apply any patches or updates to it for two years. Because the game would have remained the same as it was on release, I did what I could to get the rights back. Since it was delisted and not transferred, I can’t legally use the original version anymore. So, the only way to finally improve it was to make a new definitive version. We really put the work in to make it worth a new purchase. I know it’s frustrating to have to repurchase it—I wish I didn’t have to go through the release process again—but it was the only way the game could finally be what I wanted it to be in the first place and for me to finally be at peace with it and ready to move forward with my next projects.

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