Publisher Entergram has announced that they’re bringing the Asanoha Factory-developed post-apocalyptic boy-meets-girl visual novel Memento Memoria: The Abandoned Neverland to the Switch in Japan sometime in Summer 2024. The title will see both a physical and digital release, but no mention of a localization has been made at this time.

Memento Memoria: The Abandoned Neverland originally launched on Steam in September 2023, but the Switch version is going to include some updates over that version. Switch owners can look forward to an enhanced released that includes full voice-overs, with Entergram holding voice actor auditions right now.

Memento Memoria: The Abandoned Neverland takes place in an abandoned amusement park in a broken world. It was originally a paradise called “Lagoon” where children were self-sufficient. A boy working as a mercenary in “Lagoon” happened to meet a silver-haired girl. The wheels of their destiny begin to move.

During the World War, children were forced to evacuate their homes. The land where they gathered and lived became known as “lagoons.” Many “lagoons” are self-sufficient and provide a humane, albeit humble, way of life.

Kai, a young mercenary boy, lives in a “lagoon” that is an abandoned amusement park. During a joint operation with an adult-centered warlord called “The Army,” Kai meets a girl. Her name is Mio. She has silver hair. She is not a talker. She is good at shooting. And she is a girl who can’t wear bandages.

Kai learns Mio’s secret. He reached out to Mio because he had some thought in his mind. Mio starts living at Kai’s house. Kai’s childhood friend, Doctor, is also with her. No one knows yet where this encounter will lead.

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6M ago

I wonder how many times I've heard 'happened to meet a silver-haired girl' up until now.