We’ve known for awhile now that Hogwarts Legacy has been a massive hit for Warner Bros., but now we have a much better idea of just how successful the game has been.

Hogwarts Legacy came to most platforms back in February of 2023 and it was an instant hit. Switch owners had to wait through multiple delays to get the game, with it finally arriving in November 2023. Even though it took a considerable amount of time for the game to arrive on Switch, it appears Nintendo fans were still more than eager to gobble the game up at the end of the year.

According to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president David Haddad, Hogwarts Legacy managed to sell a whopping 22 million copies in 2023. That figure includes all versions of the games combined, so Switch is very much factored into that number. Along with that, we learned that Hogwarts Legacy moved 2 million units in December alone, so the title continued to be a very strong hit nearly a year after it originally launched.

There’s no doubt Warner Bros. is going to offer up more games based on the Harry Potter franchise, and should those be revealed for Switch or Nintendo’s next platform, we’ll certainly let you know.

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mock turtle

5M ago

JK Rowling is a transphobe and buying this game is financially supporting her bigotry obrigado.