As Dead by Daylight as a GaaS (Games as a Service) release, that means new content is always being churned out. Without constant injections of fresh experiences, players would eventually tire of the experience. Behaviour Interactive has done a wonderful job of offering a steady cadence of new features, and it looks like we’ll be finding out about their next project come January 9th, 2024.

Seen at the top of this post, the official Dead by Daylight X account has shared a quick teaser clip that shows off a flashlight resting on a table. Off to the side are a few pieces of paper, and one is noticeably splattered with a tiny bit of blood. Not surprisingly, it looks like more trouble is brewing in Dead by Daylight.

Fans of the Alan Wake series were quick to lay claim to this teaser, as the franchise certainly has very deep ties to not just flashlights, but documents as well. That’s all just speculation at this point, but with Alan Wake being a horror franchise, a Dead by Daylight collab would certainly make sense. We’ll find out if this speculation is on-point come tomorrow!

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