Those of us who spent countless hours with GoldenEye’s multiplayer mode remember cramming close to our buddies for some split-screen action. Nary a game would go by without accusations of screen sniping and other forms of cheating, but to tell the truth, sometimes it was downright impossible to not catch a glimpse of what was going on with other players. Now, 26 years later, we finally have a way to keep things fair.

A special setup at the Centre of Computing History in Cambridge has finally solved the issue of screen sniping in GoldenEye with a four-TV solution. It appears that these four TVs are getting the same single from one N64, but the screens are each zoomed in on a different player’s screen. It’s a pretty ingenious solution, but it’s one you’ll need the right hardware and technical know-how to achieve!

You can check out this Frankenstein of a solution for yourself by attending the 25th Anniversary of GoldenEye 007 event this Saturday (May 7th) at the Centre of Computing History.

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2y ago

This is wonderful. So great. Those are some serious CRTs! Having a professional monitor would be so nice