An update is available for Worldless. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Game Improvements

  • Guard Impact Skilltree video updated to make it easier to understand.
  • Several value tweaking on enemies to decrease a bit the difficulty
  • Some SkillTree texts updated to explain better some skills.
  • Adjusted some colliders on pink/purple area to improve movement.
  • Seal charged FX texture resolution increased.
  • Added a new HP hint on map to make it easier to find them all.
  • LUCA should not show HP bar now.

Bug & Crash Fixes

  • Fixed error where Demon was crashing after losing against it and then reloading the game.
  • Fixed minor issue with enemy blocks patterns.
  • Fixed hang if you dash right after entering an air boost in green area.
  • Fixed hang after sonaring HP improvement items from bellow.
  • Fixed some vegetations wrong orientation.
  • Fixed thunders in grey area sometimes not working properly on PS4/Switch.
  • Fixed Guard Impact and Assimilation problem where it was possible to use it without unlocking/chargin it.
  • Fixed softlock when quitting the game after rain starts again but before gaining the second character control in pink/purple area.
  • Fixed Summum sonar not appearing sometimes.
  • Fixed Lightning Nightmare phase2 to phase3 not happening sometimes.
  • Fixed Lightning Nightamare using the wrong appear animation when fighting it for the first time.
  • Fixed Summum phase 02 laser launched from the eye, not the hand.
  • Fixed Ice not appearing on skilltree under certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug on yellow area timed door if you ran really far from the door.
  • Fixed collision problem next to 3 locked doors on yellow area which allowed players to go through a wall and get permanently stuck, forcing to restart the entire save.
  • Added a patch to add ice magic to skill tree if detected a player who had no ice magic (due to another but) and couldn’t unlock it anymore.
  • Minor fix on DarkPaladin phase change.
  • Fixed crash when using Glance of Tomorrow on the Holy Bat for Xbox players.
  • Fixed a very unusual random hang when entering a combat for Switch players.

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