Pokémon Concierge merch line announced for Japan

This line is now my whole personality

08 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Pokémon Concierge is a brand-new limited series available on Netflix right now, and its absolutely oozing with charm and style. It seems the Pokémon Co. is quite proud of the show’s look, as they’re now using it as inspiration for a fresh merch line in Japan.

Starting January 20th, 2024, Pokémon Concierge-inspired merch will be available to purchase at Pokémon Center locations in Japan. The lineup is quite extensive, including towels, apparel, stationary items and more. The full line of items is as follows:

  • A4 clear folder with three pockets: 440 JPY
  • B6 notebook: 770 JPY
  • Ballpoint pen: 495 JPY
  • Bandana: 1320 JPY
  • Bellsprout LED lamp: 7700 JPY
  • Coasters: 1980 JPY (for two)
  • Cushion: 2970 JPY
  • Fabric print: 2970 JPY
  • Hand towel: 660 JPY
  • Hawaiian shirt: 4950 JPY
  • Horsea watering can: 4400 JPY
  • Mug with spoon: 2200 JPY
  • Passport cover: 1870 JPY
  • Psyduck eyemask: 1980 JPY
  • Side bag: 2970 JPY
  • Slippers: 2200 JPY
  • Tape: 660 JPY (for two)
  • Traveling amenities pouch set: 4950 JPY
  • Vacuum seal bags: 1650 JPY
  • Waterproof stickers: 880 JPY

If you’d like to get a closer look at every single item mentioned above, you can check out a gallery of pictures here.

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