The cross section between pro wrestling and gaming is a pretty sizable one. Those who don’t follow pro wrestling might not know that today’s wrestlers are absolutely massive fans of videogames, and pro wrestling fans also love their games as well. That’s why countless wrestlers have featured gaming tributes in their ring gear and audiences are always filled with gaming-related signs at wrestling events.

Among the many wrestlers who love videogames is WWE superstar Xavier Woods. Woods’ appreciation of all things gaming is well known, as he runs the Up Up Down Down YouTube channel for WWE and also hosted programming on G4 for its short-lived return. Now Woods is showing gaming even more love with a new post on X.


We’re not quite sure what spurred it on, but Woods decided to showcase is sizable 3DS game library to his social media followers. His collection is full of big-name games and some rare titles as well, including some that are rated complete-in-box. While the first photo shows off Woods as a proud papa to his 3DS collection, the second picture gives us a much better look at what he owns.

While not a complete 3DS software collection by any means, it’s definitely an assembly of some top-notch titles. See anything in there you’d like to add to your library?

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