Masahiro Sakurai has amassed millions of subscribers, tons of videos and even multiple awards for his work on his “Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games” YouTube Channel. You’d think that would be all the more reason to continue, but Sakurai apparently has the complete opposite in mind.

In a Community Note from Sakurai on YouTube, he wished subscribers a happy new year and also informed everyone that he’s going to “wrap up” the Channel sometime in 2024. No reason for this decision was given, as it was a short and sweet message. This means fans better make sure to savor every video left in the pipeline!

One such video released today, and this one focused on letting players skip and pause in a game whenever they want. Sakurai says that though developers have their reasons for how they implement cutscenes, he’d really like to see the same sort of freedom there. He also goes on to say how frustrating it would be if a streaming service nowadays didn’t let viewers pause and skip when they wanted!

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