Over the years, Nintendo has worked with a number of third parties to help build various installments in their long-running franchises. One of the more recent examples of that would be Nintendo and WayForward working on the Advance Wars series. It seems Nintendo is a big fan of this idea, as the latest rumor points to more partnerships in the works.

Over at Games Industry, Christopher Dring has put together a feature on the future of Nintendo. We know that all eyes are on whatever hardware Nintendo follows the Switch up with, but it’s always software that reigns supreme. With the right kind of games on the platform, customers will be sure to flock to the system.

According to Dring, Nintendo is currently wooing 3 different developers for partnerships on software going forward. To be clear, this would be a case of Nintendo opening up their IP/franchises to outside studios in order for them to create new installments. Again, the situation would be pretty much exactly what we’ve seen with WayForward, or also along the lines of Brace Yourself Games’ partnership for Cadence of Hyrule.

This is all just rumor right now, but Dring certainly has connections to the game industry, so there’s likely some merit to his claims. We’ll keep an eye out for anything that corroborates this inside info.

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