Art and fashion studio DOMREBEL brings their artistic vision to Dead by Daylight with the DOMREBEL Collection, which features new Outfits for Nea Karlsson, Élodie Rakoto, Vittorio Toscano, Feng Min, The Trickster, and The Legion (Susie).

Founded in Montreal, DOMREBEL is a global art collective and fashion studio whose clothing line makes waves worldwide. Every season, artists in their studio create works ranging from paintings, sculptures, textiles, and more, and put out a collection of clothing based on the art they’ve created. This time, they’re lending their creative vision to Dead by Daylight with the DOMREBEL Collection.

  • Nea Karlsson – Hard Case – Very Rare
  • Élodie Rakoto – Explore The City – Very Rare
  • Vittorio Toscano – Deserted Place – Very Rare
  • Feng Min – Noticed Talent – Very Rare
  • The Trickster – Teddy Graveyard – Very Rare
  • The Legion (Susie) - Visit Day – Very Rare

“It’s been super cool to work with the folks over at DOMREBEL on this Collection,” says Kirby Taylor, Product Manager on Dead by Daylight. “Right from the get-go you can feel the passion they have for their work, and they put that same passion into making their mark on the Dead by Daylight fashion scene. We’re looking forward to seeing players use these cosmetics to really strut their stuff!”

The DOMREBEL Collection is available now in the Dead by Daylight store.

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