Mario and friends often find themselves among unusual baddies, tricky platforms, and picky power-ups. But sometimes there’s something secret that comes up on their adventures. Super Mario Bros. Wonder continues this fine tradition, and Nintendo is looking to get you in the mood for a little secret finding!

First up, collectibles. Collectibles won’t always be out in the open, so check suspicious corners, crouch over pipes (especially ones that extend past the bottom of the course or look a bit different), and touch as many Wow Buds as you can to get coins or open pathways (they look like little glowing flower buds … not to be confused with Talking Flowers … who talk).

Tip: You may need to play a course multiple times before you find everything. As a fun little extra, try swapping the Talking Flower voice language in the Settings menu when you replay courses. This won’t help you find any secrets, but it would be very international of you to try!

If you want to read more of Nintendo’s tips and tricks for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you can find the complete feature here.

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