Two days to go! As the SMITE community is currently celebrating the upcoming Year 11 with an in-game event full of valuable gifts for free, the main beat of the year, the SMITE World Championship (SWC), is just around the corner.

From this Friday to Sunday, Jan. 12-14, the most prestigious yearly SMITE competition will be held in Esports Stadium Arlington, Texas, in front of thousands of fans! Viewers both on site and at home will enjoy high-intensity matches as well as many different beats celebrating the game and its community such as the opening ceremony, the yearly cosplay contest, the build-a-god panel, and more.

Yet this year SWC is the second-biggest piece of news… This is due to the ‘SMITE Presents’ keynote kicking off the event on January 12, 11:30 AM EST.

This very special announcement will reveal the most massive evolution SMITE has ever been through. What is coming will change it forever and is the coming of a new age for SMITE as a game, a universe, and a community of players. All of Titan Forge Games are infinitely proud and eager to share their excitement with the fans and the wider world! In SMITE, lightning will strike twice.

This Friday at 11:30 AM EST, watch it live on any official SMITE channel such as

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