While Nintendo hasn’t officially said anything, we can all feel it. Nintendo fans sense the chill in the air…the Switch is officially winding down. While we don’t know when the Switch’s successor is releasing, there’s no doubt that we’ll be learning about that new platform in the not-too-distant future.

While it’s always exciting to know that new hardware is on the horizon, that doesn’t mean the current platform is dead-and-buried. As a matter of fact, the situation is quite different for the Switch. While we don’t know everything 2024 has in store for Switch, we do have a decent look at some big-name titles heading our way.

From brand-new games like Princess Peach Showtime! to hotly-anticipated remakes like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, there should be enough exciting experiences to help the Switch ride off into the sunset. To get a better look at what we expect to be Switch’s swan song, check out Nintendo’s breakdown here.

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