Portal N64 demake shut down by Valve DMCA

It's hard to overstate my dissatisfaction

10 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Recently, we shared a story about a dedicated Portal fan who was working hard to bring the Valve classic to the N64. The developer has been toiling away since 2022 to make this happen, and just moved the project out of beta a few days ago. Unfortunately, this also marks the end of the road for Portal 64, as Valve has stepped in to shut things down.

We’re not quite sure why it took nearly 2 years for Valve to make a move on this project, but the hammer has officially been swung. The developer behind Portal 64, James Lambert, says that Valve reached out with a DMCA to take his work down because “the project depends on Nintendo’s proprietary libraries.” It’s unclear if Valve acted on their own to stave off Nintendo, or Nintendo forced Valve’s hand.

It’s a shame to see this project come to an end, as it was a version of Portal capable of running on actual N64 hardware. Out of all the retro projects, Portal 64 was definitely one of the most sophisticated, and now all of that work has to be tossed in the bin.


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6M ago

The source (no pun intended for my upcoming statement) article said that Valve also DMCA'd a project that was porting Team Fortress to the Source 2 engine. I think Nintendo is still going to get the bulk of the blame for this in many comment sections.

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6M ago

Probably was Nintendo then... cause it doesn't seem like Valve would do this.