Now that 2023 has come to a close, data trackers can crunch numbers and see how various companies fared for the year. That very much includes those who watch the game industry, which leads us to a very interesting stat for Nintendo and the Switch.

When all was said and done in Japan for 2023, the Switch managed to sell another 4 million units in the region. That’s an incredibly impressive stat for a platform in its 7th year, but it’s even more monumental than you might think. That 4 million mark was enough to topple a record previously held by the DS

The Nintendo DS was the previous record-holder in Japan when it came to sales for a platform in its 7th year. Back during that 7th year on the market, the DS moved 3 million units in Japan alone. To see that the Switch managed to beat that total by a whopping 1 million units shows just how strong the platform continues to be!

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