Universal Orlando is rumored to be introducing a new land dedicated to Pokémon along with attractions for The Legend of Zelda and Luigi’s Mansion.

Rumors surrounding the Pokémon land propose a ride experience that combines cutting-edge technology and interactive elements. In Japan, the Pokémon area is set to potentially replace The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, while in Florida the area would replace The Simpsons Ride. It’s expected that the ride will incorporate Augmented Reality, similar to the Mario Kart attraction.

Initial reports indicated an opening date of 2030 for the Pokémon land’s completion, but due to recent speculation of The Simpsons Ride closing, it may be possible to see it much sooner.

Another concept to be rumored to get an attraction is for The Legend of Zelda for Islands of Adventure. Initial concepts, including a theater show and a boat ride transforming into a suspended dark ride, were not approved, but rumors suggest the potential replacement of the Lost Continent section. With the closure of attractions like Poseidon’s Fury and The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad, the area remains unused. Speculations for a Legend of Zelda land include an indoor boat ride concept and a reimagined Deku Tree-themed restaurant. Despite no official demolition plans, speculation suggests an opening date of 2027 for the Zelda-themed attractions.

Finally, strong rumors indicate that another addition could be a Luigi’s Mansion-themed mini-land within Super Nintendo World. Positioned between Super Nintendo World and Dark Universe lands, this speculated expansion might feature a unique entry through a warp pipe from the main courtyard. The proposed Luigi’s Mansion dark ride is anticipated to offer an immersive experience, navigating haunted mansion rooms with an interactive shooter. The mini-land could include a flat ride and a mansion-themed restaurant. An opening date is unknown.

While all the details are based on rumors, Universal Orlando is set for an exciting six years with Nintendo and Pokémon franchises potentially being featured.

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