KEMCO proudly announces the release of Knights of Grayfang for Nintendo Switch is set to hit each regional storefront on January 19, 2024. You can pre-order on Nintendo eShop starting today.

About the game:

The land of Eldraad is in the midst of a war between the humans, born from the Twilight Deity, and the monsters, born from the Nightfall Deity, to control all nine temples. King Edwahl wields twilight’s might, turning humans into vampires via a ritual. Yet, a sinister force awakens among monsters. Will nightfall or twilight triumph?

One of the main characters, Thoma, wields a unique Blood Gauge, replacing HP and MP. Using this gauge, characters can activate Bloodthirst, granting new skills and appearances. Equip bats found in dungeons for passive effects like protection from ailments and boosted attack power. Seize victory by claiming all nine temples. Unravel the mysteries and battle the monsters within to conquer them!


  • With exceptional passive skFeatures
  • Unleash Bloodthirst skills in turn-based battles
  • Equip mystical bats for tactical advantage
  • Shape destiny with unique Blood Gauge
  • Conquer Temples for ultimate victory
  • Discover power hidden in dungeons
  • Master the art of vampire supremacy
  • Unravel mysteries, vanquish monsters

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