Square Enix Music has been sharing a decent amount of covers lately, and that trend continues with yet another video. In the clip above, you can hear a guitar cover of “Terra’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VI, as performed by Seiji Igusa.

Seiji Igusa is an acoustic guitarist/composer. Born into a pastor’s family, Seiji became familiar with hymns and gospel music at an early age. He started playing drums at age 11 and guitar at age 15. After graduating from high school, he entered Koyo Music School to study music theory and composition theory. In 2009, Seiji participated in Finger Picking Day 2009, a national acoustic guitar competition and received “Grand Prize” and “Original Arrangement Prize”. In the same year, he performed as the the opening act for Tommy Emmanuel’s Japan tour. At the age of 20, he made his professional debut and released his first mini-album “introduction”. (h/t Ibanez)

The above version of Terra’s Theme was both arranged and performed by Seiji Igusa. As for the recording and mixing, that work was handled by Yohei “Billy” Horiuchi. The recording session itself was held at STUDIO SOMEWHERE.

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