Apex Legends fans have become accustomed to new legend reveals alongside new seasons. For example, the upcoming 13th season, Savior, is going to give players a chance to check out Newcastle. While the new season/new legend pattern is tradition at this point, Respawn says that could change in the future.

In an interview with Dextero, Respawn’s senior character designer Devan McGuire was asked if future seasons will have new legends accompanying them. You can see his response below.

“Whether or not that pattern continues is an ongoing discussion, and it might not be changed, but we don’t want to saturate the pool [of Legends].”

[Respawn's senior character designer Devan McGuire]

While that’s a bit disappointing to hear, it certainly makes sense. You don’t want to include new legends just because there are new seasons. When good character ideas come up, you implement them in the game. Being forced to constantly come up with new character ideas certainly makes for a stressful situation, and most likely, a few lackluster characters.

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