Wondering what Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, thinks about Peter Griffin being such a bit part of the current season of Fortnite? Turns out MacFarlane needed a little Fortnite 101 before he could even understand what was going on.

MacFarlane was interviewed briefly about the current Family Guy representation in Fortnite, which includes a Peter Griffin skin, a Peter Griffin boss battle on the map, some other Family Guy collectibles, and even a Peter emote that you can unlock. When MacFarlane talked about Fortnite, he was very honest in saying that he had to have someone explain to him what Fortnite was, and then once he got the idea, he thought the collab sounded pretty cool.

You can hear MacFarlane discuss the Fortnite collab in his own words below, but please note that some strong language is used.

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