Patch 1 has been released for Outer Wilds. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Various fixes for places where the player could get stuck in level geometry
  • Nomai shuttles now collide with all planets

Art & Visuals

  • Improved animation of a certain hologram
  • Various fixes for assets appearing where they shouldn’t
  • Various fixes for incorrect, misaligned or missing textures and materials
  • Various fixes for LODs so they match better with their high resolution versions
  • Fix for pursuers getting stuck in certain animations
  • The visual effects for a certain sequence in the High Energy Lab are now correctly displayed
  • Fix for a certain campfire not animating correctly
  • In the museum, the anglerfish’s lure now glows correctly
  • Various fixes for slide reels not always displaying
  • Various lighting adjustments and fixes
  • Fixes for various minor visual issues


  • Fix for lag while using Signalscope in a certain situation
  • Improved performance over long play sessions
  • Some memory improvements


  • Ship Log markers no longer appear truncated
  • Various minor UI bug fixes

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