Today the Overwatch blog has posted a first in a series of posts that will detail the Overwatch 2 team’s developmental values for the coming year in 2024. You can read the full piece here but otherwise here’s a brief highlight of what is discussed.

  • The team wants the game to continually evolve with new systems and features.
  • The director feels the game’s teamwork mechanics are a blessing and a curse.
  • The director wants to refine the overwatch experience to encourage teamwork while also not punishing players who struggle with teamwork.
  • The ping system and spawn together system were added to address these concerns.
  • Party Frames, scoreboard improvements, and crackdowns on spawn camping are also being considered.
  • A new balance patch will drop in Season 9 with the aim of taking the pressure off Support characters.
  • The team is also using the Quickplay: Hacked events to experiment with the core gameplay expereince.

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