Smite 2, the sequel to the beloved MOBA game Smite, has been announced and many are wondering what platforms the new game is targeting. The first Smite game was playable pretty much everywhere ,including Switch, so it makes sense that people would ask Smite 2 developers Titan Forge Games if the same would be true for the sequel.

Unfortunately for all Switch-bound Smite fans the sequel currently has no plans to come to the platform. Alex Cantatore, the executive producer of Smite, sat down with techradar to explain the decision, you can read his full comment below.

We’re concerned that currently, with the power level of Switch and the minimum specs that we’re targeting, we just aren’t sure that we’d be able to develop or deliver a really good experience to people playing on Switch currently…Smite’s been everywhere we can possibly get it to run well, and I would expect that to continue with Smite 2, We’re just not sure we’d be able to get it running well on Switch 1, unfortunately.

[Alex Cantatore via techradar]

There you have it, it seems Titan Forge Games feels that the sequel might be too much for the Switch’s current hardware to handle, though there is a glimmer of hope.

Interestingly, Cantatore doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of Smite 2 coming to the heavily rumored Switch successor. He makes sure to clarify though that the team currently has no information of what Nintendo is planning and is speaking purely hypothetically.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Smite 2 does get announced for the rumored console if/when it gets announced but until then we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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5M ago

We're going to see this more and more until Nintendo gets their next system out. Even though Switch saw more releases, there have been numerous games that skipped the Switch due to power concerns and companies that tried releasing Switch ports sometimes found they shouldn't have released on Switch in the first place making Switch versions the inferior multiplatform versions.

Nintendo's next system either needs to match Steam Deck in capability or exceed it in a way Valve can't just do a mid-gen update of Steam Deck to surpass Nintendo again. Cause then 3rd parties will only support Steam Deck at minimal and cut out Nintendo support.


5M ago

And nothing of value was lost. It IS time for Nintendo's next console though.