Publisher PID Games and developer Aechmea Studios have announced that they’re bringing Wisper to the Switch. At this point, no concrete release date or pricing information has been shared.

Wisper is a relaxing 3D open world filled with magical creatures, unique people, and their secrets. Learn about them and the world they live in. Save villages from corruption on your journey to become a Wisper.

Wisps have been around since the beginning. They are creatures from another world, whose behavior and purpose remain a mystery to most people. That’s where the Wispers step in, as their role is to understand and deal with the enigmatic wisps.

Wisper is set in a seemingly peaceful land, filled with various biomes, where people have lived since the beginning of the wisps. Explore a world influenced by their powers, meet unique people, and save them from the actions of a corrupted wisp.

Wisps are magical creatures who came from another world, each one has a way to affect their surroundings. Their visuals and power varies and when they are affected by bad feelings or human behavior, their body will start becoming corrupted, will lose control and destroy things or worse, hurt people.

As a Wisper, go in search of the wisps and learn about them during your journey. As peaceful as it seems, it won’t always be that way as you follow a Legendary Wisp, corrupting its environment and villages around.

Use a range of tools to make your hiking easier. Wall jump with your pickaxe, reach higher places by grabbing trees with your hook, perform tricks with your skate, and travel the map faster.

As a future Wisper, it’s important to keep track of every new piece of information! Your notebook will record the wisps you find and interact with, along with their visuals and behaviors explanations.

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