In recent years we’ve seen quite a few videogame references from the NFL. That’s no doubt due to the older generations getting up there in years and our generation taking charge with the multimedia you see out there. The latest example of a gaming nod from the NFL can be seen above, and it’s a direct send-up of one of the world’s most popular franchises.

During a cutaway segment during an NFL game, the commentary team threw to a package that featured LA Rams rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua. That spot played up Puka’s name by likening it to Pikachu, which was used for the jumping point of a whole Pokémon Trading Card Game spot.

My favorite part of the whole segment is how the person who kicks off commentary on the segment clearly has no idea how big Pokémon is nowadays. In typical adult fashion, he also gets the pronunciation wrong…but that somehow makes the whole thing that much more endearing.

Thanks to Khufu and Slider for the heads up!

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