Orangepixel brings a unique dungeon game to the Nintendo Switch in the form of: Sir Questionnaire. A dungeon crawler with one room at a time, and two options to choose. Sir Questionnaire comes to Switch on Jan. 16th, 2024.

A calm (turn-based) game of choice and chance as you explore the dark dungeon floors. Gameplay is based on choice: do you fight the creature, or try to run away? Do you take the potion? Spin the wheel? Drink the milk? Smash the crate? Hack the lobsters? Left door or right door? Make a choice!

Sir Questionnaire, on behalf of Orangepixel, is formally inviting you to the newly built dungeon, run by our ‘demonic gatekeeper’-intern. He is slightly dim, so to keep it all manageable we can only provide you or other players with two options for every turn you have. That may sound somewhat limiting, and possibly unfair, but for any frustration this might cause, the devs have added a huge amount of monsters to hack, slash, shoot, whizz, transform, or just ignore if you are more peaceful minded. They also misplaced a bunch of items in the dungeons, that you can use in different ways, but please don’t let them linger in backpacks after you die?

So come hang out in our new dungeon, which is still being decorated with skeletons, limbs, and blood, so the devs can use all the adventuring idiots they can find! .. uhm.. wait.. ignore that last bit!

Some temptations the dungeons offer as key features:

  • Unique gameplay with deeper mechanics available for true adventurers
  • Hack-and-slash, turn-based roguelike with 2 options per turn.
  • An optional end-boss.. you can just ignore him if you want! he’s just the intern after all. Don’t enter his lair, and you’ll be fine! … maybe..
  • A complimentary camera and codex for your journeys! - photograph creatures and items and unlock and register weaknesses and usages.
  • Large collection of weird and puzzling encounters with: crowns, thrones, altars, mermaids, fairies, old-geezers, seekers, merchants, cute lobsters, skeletons, orcs, minotaurs, medusa, imps, flame-heads, water in a bucket, and more!
  • Nintendo Switch Touch screen support
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