As if this month wasn’t flying by fast enough already, Atari is pleased to announce that the speedrunning platformer delight Mr. Run and Jump is ringing in the new year with an exciting content update that seriously ups the ante on replayability.

Today, Atari introduces an all-new game mode to the neon speedrunning hit: Ghost Mode. With this new feature, players can continuously improve their playtimes in any timed trial level by racing against a “ghost” avatar, essentially pitting players against themselves.

After all, what’s a more satisfying achievement than conquering your best time?

In addition to the new gameplay mode, Mr. Run and Jump welcomes a content update providing level- and enemy-specific balancing adjustments for an even smoother speedrunning experience.

Enjoy a fluid and fun speedrunning delight that sends you on a journey through a dazzling and dangerous world, dodging enemies and conquering a trove of fierce platforming challenges. You’ll take on the role of the titular Mr. Run and Jump, where you’re thrust into the visually splendid Realms of Color. There, you’ll embark on a fast-paced, fluorescent adventure to defeat the menacing Void and rescue your missing dog, Leap. Each level demands players use their endurance as well as their dexterity. For those who want a more casual experience, Dynamic Assistance options allow players to set the level of difficulty they want. No matter the skill level, Mr. Run and Jump invites players to dash, dodge, leap, and race their way to victory!

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