Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was an absolutely wild surprise coming from Ubisoft and Nintendo. While we first learned of the game through a leak, many though it to be fake due to the random nature of throwing together Mario and the Rabbids for an RPG. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, and not only were the leaks spot-on, players were also more than eager to check the title out.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle went on to reach over 10 million players worldwide, but the same success didn’t come around for the sequel. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope landed on Switch in Oct. 2022, and despite stellar reviews labeling the follow-up better than the original, gamers were reluctant to pick it up. This caused a rash of headlines about the sequel, pegging it to be a failure commercially.

In the months following the game’s launch, Ubisoft talked quite a bit about the missed sales targets for Sparks of Hope, and how they thought the title would pick up steam. This, coupled with a number of discounts and special sales were all in the hopes of turning things around. Now, as of January 2024, it seems like Ubisoft’s plan worked.

A report from VGC states that Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope has indeed become a dependable seller for Ubisoft. Unconfirmed figures put the game at 3+ million sold so far, which is definitely a far cry from 10 million, but there’s an important element to note here. When you launch align both titles, both Kingdom Battle and Sparks of Hope were around the 3 million mark at the same point in their lifespan. In other words, a situation that started out quite poorly for the sequel now seems to be on the up and up!


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5M ago

Feels like word of mouth about how good the game is has given it legs as people are encouraged to pick it up over time, even if it didn't manage to explode out of the gate like Ubisoft had hoped.


5M ago

That's good and all, but like games on other systems, it seems like this one has been heavily discounted. I've seen it maked down to $40 normally, and on sale for $20. My wife actually got it for me for Christmas at that $20 price and has a $20 online coupon, so she literally just had to pay sales tax.

Not trying to take away from its success, but it's just one of those things where units sold doesn't necessarily mean what it used to.


5M ago

I got the game at launch but didn't feel too hyped for it. I played through it a few months later and really enjoyed it. It's way better than the first game but the Mario aspect feels like it is tacked on. I guess I wished it bounced between Mario and Rayman universes more than it did.

But having Bowser in my party was a welcome addition and the music is really good. And the combat is fun, too!


5M ago

Still need to play this. I bought it last summer for $20.