Fashion Dreamer has been updated to Ver. 1.3.0 (New Year Update). You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Gorgeous Fair

  • 6 new patterns
  • 1 new hairstyle
  • 1 new eye colour
  • 1 new pose
  • 1 new photo item
  • 6 photo frames
  • 4 showroom items

New items

  • 10 new patterns (some are unlocked upon reaching a certain rank)

Sorting improvements

  • Adds ability to sort items by colour, allowing players to sort items based on 10 different colours
  • Changes default sorting order to “Category” (previously, it was the order in which you acquired each item)
  • Changes the position of the cursor so that it moves back to the top-left hand corner of the screen after using the sorting function

Inventory expansion

  • You can now hold onto 6,000 items (previously: 5,000)
  • Adds function to remove all clothing items currently worn.
  • When using LookIt, changing clothes, or setting up a mannequin, you can now press the ZR button to remove all clothing items at once.

Adjusts Muse requests.

  • In order to give players more freedom in the way they choose outfits, Muse requests have been adjusted. From now on, those requests will no longer include confusing things like “neon colours”, “ultra-rare” or “hoodies”, or tough requests that combine atmosphere and mood (for example: cool and cute) or colour + specific item type (for example: an outfit using red sneakers). That way, players will have more freedom in the way they choose to fulfill the Muse’s request.

Adds Volume setting to Options

  • You can now adjust the volume of background music and sound effects that play in the game.

Hides the ring displayed when shooting with a drone camera.

  • The ring displayed at the feet of your Muse is now hidden when the camera is filming.

Fixes a bug occuring during a Muse event under certain conditions.

  • If the event does not occur despite reaching 3 ❤, make sure that you have met the following conditions:
  • some events will not occur if you do not have all the minimum required items to complete the request (for example: you need Type-B items for Type-B Muse events). Therefore, make sure to Like and get items from a wide variety of Muses.
  • Tops, bottoms, and shoes is the minimum required to complete a request. some events will not occur if you’re wearing the default tops and bottoms. Make sure to change to items obtained from other Muses, or My Brand items. some events will not occur when changing clothes (like when you’re trying another Muse’s items). In that case, simply exit the outfit changing screen.

Other improvements, adjustments, and fixes

  • The default screen when creating items has been changed to My Muse
  • The zoom function can now be used on the item settings screen of the showroom mannequin
  • The appearance rate of Muses will be further adjusted so that players can encounter a greater variety of Muse types
  • The file size of item thumbnails will be further lowered, making them display faster
  • When editing your Muse, the camera will be adjusted so that your hair can be fully displayed even with long hairstyles
  • The first time you connect to Online Mode, a warning screen will be displayed to inform you that personal information (such as your email address) may be visible to other users
  • Other changes to improve stability, and more bug fixes

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