RUMOR: Shadow the Hedgehog spin-off movie in the works

The Sonic Cinematic Universe expands

16 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Sonic’s foray into cinematic endeavors has gone extremely well. While it all started quite rocky with the reveal of “Ugly Sonic,” the course was quickly corrected and the hedgehog’s silver screen debut went better than expected. That was followed by an even bigger sequel, and the third film is being shot right now. Wondering what’s next for the Sonic franchise in terms of Hollywood output? It seems another well-known hedgehog might be taking a starring role.

While we already know about a Knuckles TV show spin-off for Paramount+, it appears that might not be the only side project in the works for the Sonic Cinematic Universe. Industry insider DanielRPK has shared word that a Shadow the Hedgehog spin-off film is in the works. Keep in mind that this is just rumor for now, but DanielRPK has proven to be a knowledge insider by dropping multiple teases/leaks that ended up being spot-on.

With how popular the Sonic franchise has proven to be in terms of film, it really wouldn’t be a surprise to see even more spin-off projects come around. With Sonic 3 and the Knuckles TV show still to come, we’ll likely have to wait a considerable amount of time before we get an official confirmation/denial on this. Until then, keep your fingers and toes crossed!

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5M ago

And in this movie, Shadow will use guns.