Warframe’s next anticipated Prime form launches today at lightning velocity as the Saint of Altra: Gauss Prime. Gauss Prime brings back the power of a forgotten technological society with a stylish new look alongside improved stats, faster sprint speed, and double rapid reload speeds while running.

● After an insurgency from enemy forces, the ancient Tower of Altra was overrun. Gauss was called in as a last-ditch effort to reclaim this territory, who effortlessly traversed the deadly minefield and cleared out enemy combatants, earning the title “Saint of Altral.”

● Craft Gauss Prime in-game by collecting the required Blueprint, Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics through Void Fissure Missions. It can also be found on the in-game marketplace across all platforms for a limited time.

● Bowl over swarms of enemies at blistering speeds with Mach Rush, convert kinetic energy into an offensive Thermal Sunder elemental blast or some defensive Kinetic Plating, and push this Warframe’s battery core beyond its limits with the ultimate Redline buff to increase overall attack, reload, and movement speeds.

● New Prime tech weapons are also jogging across the finish line in the form of the ultra-precise Acceltra Prime Rifle and the rapid-fire Akarius Prime dual pistols.

● Additional cosmetic items are also included in the Gauss Prime marketplace bundle like the Blazargaze Helmet, Doppline Armor adornments, an Altra Syandana back piece, as well as a decorative Prime Floof and Noggle Statue for the player’s ship.

If you’d like to see the extensive patch notes for this update, you can find them here.

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