Today, Atari and developer Dreams Uncorporated invite you to a close encounter of the celestial kind with the reveal of the first full-length cinematic narrative trailer for the upcoming Lunar Lander Beyond, an all-new narrative adventure based on the game that pioneered the simulation genre: Lunar Lander.

In the new trailer, players get a taste of what’s in store for the would-be galactic explorers employed by the Pegasus Corporation, a cargo delivery company with an important mission: service clients in and around the astrosphere. That all goes awry when mysterious portals appear in the starfield, setting a collision course for sinister truths that lie unseen behind the fabric of the universe’s curtain. Get acquainted with the crew members and witness their formidable mission unfold amidst the mesmerizing tapestry of constellations.

Dreams Uncorporated elevates Lunar Lander Beyond from its simplistic arcade origins by infusing it with the developer’s signature art style, a narrative-rich storyline, and a captivating universe where not everyone and everything is as it seems. A one-of-a-kind “adventure meets simulation” experience, Lunar Lander Beyond engrosses players with a vast storyworld and rewarding gameplay where the stakes are high, and not just for their career.

Developed by Dreams Uncorporated, Lunar Lander Beyond takes aim for an Spring 2024 release on Switch.

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