Pokémon Co. has released a triple threat of video features that are meant to spotlight some of the biggest and best names in the Pokémon tournament circuit. If you don’t know these faces, you should!

The three videos in this post each feature a different Pokémon player, and they’ve all more than proven their skills on the big stage. The rundown of features includes profiles on the following:

  • WDAGE, a multi-Championship crowned Pokémon GO player
  • James Baek, a long-standing Pokémon VG Masters player
  • Andrew Estrada, a double-crowned World and Regional Champion title holder for Pokémon TCG Masters.

If you’re aiming to become a top player on the Pokémon circuit one day, these videos will help give you insight into not just what it takes, but the struggles and challenges you’ll deal with along the way. That goes for both game skills and mental agility, and you’ll need both in bucketloads!

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