Dead by Daylight "Alan Wake: Spotlight" Trailer

You can't wake from this nightmare

17 January 2024
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Alan Wake is coming to The Fog. Continue his story in the Spotlight Trailer, highlighting his unique character Perks: Champion of Light, Boon: Illumination, and Deadline.

Dead by Daylight is thrilled to welcome Alan Wake, bestselling author of such books as The Fall of Alex Casey and The Sudden Stop, into The Fog. Die-hard fans might even recognize him for his work on the cult-hit Night Springs, which preceded the release of his wildly popular Alex Casey series.

Dead by Daylight takes pride in honouring the incredible horror characters released across a variety of mediums, from film to video games. Now, another gaming legend has joined our roster – Remedy’s Alan Wake, the titular protagonist from the acclaimed series. Since his introduction in 2010, Alan’s mind-bending horror story has spanned across several games, including Control in 2019, with the recent Alan Wake 2 having released in October this year.

Alan Wake’s likeness is based on the physical actor of the character, Ilkka Villi, and, of course, the Chapter wouldn’t be complete without Alan Wake’s iconic voice, brought to life in-game by Matthew Porretta. He’s reprised his role for Dead by Daylight, recording a number of original voice lines and cries. Yes – that’s really Alan Wake you’re hearing scream.

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