World renowned publisher Deck13 Spotlight, together with developer Argonwood, is excited to announce the release of Rising Lords, a stylized and medieval turn-based strategy experience. After nearly four years in Early Access on PC Steam, which was critically acclaimed, it has built up amazing community support. The full and final release will be synced in with the news of its debut release on Switch, marking an enchanting triple-platform serving of enticing strategy.

Together with a gripping story campaign, other alluring elements broaden its tactical appeal with exciting card and board game features, presenting an experience not to be overlooked. The full release of Rising Lords comes with an impressive list of must ‘shout about’ enhanced features: From graphics, user interface and engine upgrades to new events, maps, buildings, special figures, factions, skill cards, morale system, diplomacy, map editor + workshop support, challenge mode, story campaign and much more!

The epic Rising Lords takes place in the fictional Northern Island Kingdom of Aubelin. For generations there has been no king, and the country is loosely ruled by the Council of Counts. The people are unhappy and the various regions are in a desolate and isolated state. The all-new story campaign accompanies the journey of Tankred of Tannheim, a young boy who must quickly learn to follow in his father’s footsteps and protect his homeland from bandits and cultists.

As Lord or Lady, lead your provinces to success by balancing production, resource gathering, construction, diplomacy, taxes and rations. Build mighty fortified cities, raise massive armies and use a variety of unique characters to triumph over your enemies. Manage your growing number of lands and people as you conquer neighboring territories, and engage in highly tactical grid and turn-based combat, using counters, skill cards and terrain to your advantage. Help your people become knights or sacrifice them on a battlefield far away, but be careful - even the most humble peasants will revolt… eventually.

Challenge yourself and your friends with simultaneous cross-platform multiplayer, a map editor and multiple gameplay modes! The story campaign consists of a prologue and six chapters, not forgetting a challenge mode where waves of enemies appear at every turn, and a scenario mode where you can choose a map and battle up to three lords (or friends of yours).

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