NEOWIZ is thrilled to announce that the Demon King Castle Defense update and Mythology Pack DLC for Skul: The Hero Slayer are officially available on Switch! Brace yourselves for a major free content update and Skul’s first paid DLC, expanding the epic journey of this critically acclaimed game which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

🏰 Demon King Castle Defense - A Majestic Update:

A monumental free content update for Skul, bringing forth the epic conclusion to Skul’s thrilling journey. Get ready for an explosive wrap-up that promises to leave players on the edge of their seats.

🔱 Mythology Pack - Unveiling Legendary Skulls:

Skul’s first paid DLC is here! Explore new realms with the Mythology Pack priced at $3.99. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of mythology with 5 new playable Skulls based on famous myths.

Unleash the power of these legendary characters with 20 new items intricately tied to their mythologies. Discover a new inscription that adds an extra layer of strategic depth to your gameplay.

The Demon King and Mythology Pack DLC is available on Switch. What’s more is that for a limited time, Nintendo and PlayStation will be seeing major discounts on the Skul: The Hero Slayer base game!

  • Nintendo Switch sale at 50% off, ending on January 30th at 10:59 PM PST.

If you’d like to see the complete patch notes for today’s update, you can find the breakdown here.

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