Any game going through localization will see some changes. There’s just no way around certain cuts, be they for text box limitations, jokes that don’t make sense in certain regions, and so on. While we all understand those cuts and changes, there are plenty of others that leave fans scratching their heads.

In the latest episode of Region Break, we get to see some of those interesting, unique and downright confusing changes throughout the Kirby franchise. We all know about how Kirby used to look angry on cover art for North American releases while smiling in Japan, but this video shows that that tidbit is just scratching the surface!

This installment of Region Break digs through decades of Kirby history to discover changes big and small. They started all the way back with Kirby’s debut, and they’ve continued right up to this very day! If you’re a Kirby fan or even have a passing interest in localization processes, this video is a must-watch.

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