Ravenswatch is a top-down roguelike action game that combines intense real-time combat with deep gameplay and high replay value. After the success of Curse of the Dead Gods, Passtech returns with a new formula and game experience that can be played solo or with up to four players in co-op.

The title is set to arrive on Switch sometime in 2024, and today gives us a look at the Dark Tales update that’ll be included with the Switch version. Along with the Dark Tales trailer above, we also have a dev blog that details all the changes this update includes, plus notes straight from the dev team.

New online servers!

As our latest Dev Diary stated, we’ve been working hard to bring players a more stable co-op experience worldwide. Starting February 1st, we will use Epic Online Services to manage connections between players.

We’re hoping this change (and many others) will improve connectivity with players, and decrease high PINGs, disconnections, and delays in-game. We look forward to your feedback on this matter, it’s been a long road to get here and we’re eager to know if our efforts paid off.

As we have tested this change on our side for quite some time now, we will still wait to see your feedback once the Update is live before shouting victory! Only a full-scale test with players of the Early Access will tell us if most issues are resolved.


Onto brighter things with a new tab to consult in the book! We’ve added a bunch of lore, told from the heroes’ perspectives so you can learn more about their intentions, their pasts, and their personalities.

Unlock memoirs while playing and read the codex entries in the book after your runs. Each hero has 4 memoirs to unlock, plus a cool illustration that reveals itself with your progress.

We’ll add more memoirs in version 1.0. as well as the ending of each of their stories

Altar of Heroes

We’ve already talked a little about Altar of Heroes in our latest Dev Diary and it’s going to be ready for our Dark Tales Update!

One Altar of Heroes will spawn on each Chapter and let you buy extra Revive feathers or revive fallen teammates. You can interact with the mechanism several times during a run to revive a friend, buy a feather, or gain XP points.

When a teammate falls, the Heroes of Altar will be revealed on the mini-map as well as a teleportation mark to make it easier to revive a friend.

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