QUByte Interactive has announced that Colorful Adventures Bundle is now available on Switch. The collection is priced at $10 and takes up 781 mb of space.

Explore a vibrant world of puzzles and magic with Colorful Adventures, featuring four enchanting indie games. Immerse yourself in this bundle for a magical experience! Experience a magical journey with a variety of gameplay styles, from absorbing energy in magical realms to creating logical circuits and solving color-based puzzles!


Embark on a mystical journey with Magicolors, where you wield a magical staff to solve intricate puzzles. Absorb the energy from rare magic crystals to unlock powerful spells and navigate through increasingly challenging levels. Each puzzle is a step closer to becoming a master wizard in this enchanting world.

Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite

Enter the minimalist world of Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite, where logic and serenity blend seamlessly. This jigsaw-puzzle game challenges you to arrange pieces to form complex digital circuits. Accompanied by a calming soundtrack, it’s a peaceful yet stimulating experience for puzzle enthusiasts.

Dungeon Color

Dungeon Color is an innovative top-down puzzle adventure. In this game, you’ll navigate through a labyrinth of rooms, each requiring a specific flame color to unlock. Switch between different colored flames to solve puzzles and aim to achieve the elusive rainbow flame in every room. It’s a test of strategy and color theory in a unique dungeon setting.

Puzzle Car

For a relaxing and minimalist challenge, Puzzle Car is your go-to game. Tasked with assembling a path for your car, you must strategize to collect items and navigate safely through each level. It’s a simple yet captivating experience that combines puzzle-solving with a serene driving adventure.

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