Warframe has been updated to Ver. 35.0.10. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Continued updates to the sounds in the Awakening Quest’s Warframe select screen.

Cross Platform Save Fixes:

  • Fixed case where a merged account could be a member in two different Clans.

This was caused by merging a Console account in a Clan with a PC account that has a pending Clan request that was accepted after the merging. Affected accounts have been returned to the Clan they were in on their Console account prior to the merge.


  • Fixed Clients experiencing performance issues when using the Astral Bond Mod on their Sentinel.
  • Fixed Sentinel customizations purchased from the Arsenal not equipping onto the Sentinel and causing the customization UI to disappear from the screen.
  • Fixed disabling the Depth of Field option in Captura for the first time not doing anything.
  • Fixed the amount of Aya owned not updating in the Syndicate “Next Title” popup after using it for Rank 4/5 Pledge Sacrifices.
  • Fixed Gauss’ battery gauge overlapping the combo counter UI if higher than 2x.
  • Fixed the Zenurik Badge being comically big and positioned above Gauss Prime’s head.
  • Fixed several offset issues with Emblems (when Gauss Prime has a skin equipped), the Prisma Latron Armour Set, and the base Protovyre Chest and Leg Armor on Gauss Prime.
  • Fixed the Coildrives in the Orb Vallis having erratic pathing, often leading them to drive into walls and drift from side to side. So basically, what you see on the road during Canadian winters.
  • Fixed the “owned” status for non-Platinum packs (ie. Prime Access, Supporter Packs, etc.) in the in-game Market not appearing for players who are purchasing for the first time.
  • Fixed artifacting issues caused by lens flares.
  • Fixed potential script error from Alliance/Clan’s having special characters in their Message Of The Day.
  • Fixed script error in the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed script error in Teshin’s Cave when the game is selecting a Mod Config for your Warframe’s Exalted Weapon.

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